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Born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee Christie grew up in the church and has always identified as Christian. As an adult, Christie leads a life full of work, family, friends and travel! In faith, Christie has maintained growth and wants to share her journey.

Being bi-racial, Christie has always had a dual-perspective. Yet
in her walk with faith, she finds oneness.
Through her writings, Christie shares the ups-and-downs of being a believer and everyday life struggles, in hopes that people will see beyond her “race” and “religion” to the core of where she rests her true identity-in christ.

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Keenan began working in ecological studies but got fast-tracked into the blogging world after getting picked up by a Galapagos Cruise company. In his blog, he shares his knowledge to others in writing blogs professionally and increasing website SEO. Take a peek at the link below.

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