Jess Help 101 

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 6.36.35 pm“As we go through life, we come across situations we could never learn from our parents or school. It’s life itself teaching us lessons. Topics from death, relationships and uncontrollable hardships, we weren’t prepared for it. In the new age of social media, we only highlight the good and dim the bad. We really don’t see people speak on how they handle life’s hardships. So here’s my story…” Jess Help 101.




 Back 2 Life


If you think quitting your job is scary, try doing so with the intentions of roaming the globe!
Follow friend to Marc for short Nikolay (aka Nik)  as he journeys around the world on his Back 2 Life movement.


Coming Soon…


Talks With Tae


Catch up with friend to Marc For Short Taelor, as she shares her life abroad through the lens of language-learning.