Okay…so I’m sure half of my friends and followers came to see pictures (and I can’t blame you-Quebec is/was beautiful), but in every experience, I hope to have a good takeaway…and this one was no different.  Aside from all the cool tourist stuff and the beauty of Jacques Cartier National Park (the pictures areContinue reading “Québec”

In Living Color

      The picture I chose for this post is me passed out (circa 2012) at a friend’s apartment in Knoxville Tennessee #collegedayz. You’ll notice right above my head is a poster of Muhammad Ali and above him…a rebel flag. Yes I know,  an oxymoron…to say the least.  I intentionally dug through my FacebookContinue reading “In Living Color”


  Credit history, creditworthiness, credibility…these are all terms I’ve heard over the years but never quite grasped…until I stepped into adulthood. Growing up I  received tons of wisdom and advice from family, a considerable amount from my Grandma.  One tidbit  I recall her reiterating  over the years was to  ‘take care of your credit!’ However, ItContinue reading “Credit”


If you follow me on Instagram (@marcforshort) or you’re one of my facebook friends, you may have noticed that I recently got to spend time in California. However, what I didn’t post about was my day-trip to Tijuana, Mexico 😁. Yes…despite all the wall-building talk from the hoi polloi, the contemporary issues on immigration andContinue reading “Tijuana”