Missed Miracles





I went to South Africa this May!

Some people still don’t get why, but it was one of my favorite trips and worth all the cost. I kind of went on a whim, but also went to support a friend from a small group. It was a life long dream of hers and we made it a reality! She’s such a girl boss. Although, this blog isn’t about the importance of being in a small group—how you should take a chance with travel—or the feeling you get when you mark an item off your bucket list… I clearly had to highlight these pieces. Ok, on to the juice!

While in South Africa, I had the pleasure of going on a two-day Safari in Kruger National Park! I was literally in arm’s reach of lions, giraffes, hyenas, and animals I had never heard of like eland, impalas, and waterbuck! On the second day of the drive through the park, probably the fifth hour, there began to be a shift in our car’s observation of the animals. This shift affected all of us— the driver, the Americans, the Europeans, and the Argentinian. Now when we saw an animal, particularly the African Elephant, instead of grabbing our phones for the perfect shot or video, we just kind of looked on nonchalantly. No one sat up straight anymore or made an exclamation aloud about the grandeur of this being. No one referenced how close the elephants were to the car. There were many times when the driver didn’t even slow down or stop the truck. Instead, he just flew past.
We had seen them before.
We had seen a lot of them.  (Legit, I think we were heading up to hundreds of  elephants by this point.)
The excitement was lost. This blog could easily be about cool trips I take and how I need to sit down, or how people keep asking me what I’m running from haha— more thoughts on that one day. But it is about not missing the BIG miracle sitting in front of your face.
I can’t take the credit for this thought, my sweet friend Marsha, actually mentioned the shift in safari onlookers no longer being captivated by the elephant. She found it interesting that the wonder and intrigue left so quickly. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t go to the Zoo multiple times a year because once I see the animals, I’ve seen them ya know? However, this was a real deal Safari and these animals are free and in their habitat. ( Tangent: The Lions had eaten some animal with antlers and we had the opportunity to see vultures eating at the corpse. This is when I finally conceded that the park wasn’t staged or a glorified zoo, lol!)
Whereas we became used to sighting elephants, it’s unfair for me to take away the marvel in this large mammal just because I became comfortable with them being around. Elephants are the largest land animal out there! They have excellent memories, will eat up to 660 pounds a day and they’re herbivores (mind=blown!), and they have a two year gestation period (carrying the baby, look at me trying to sound scientific) Elephant Birth for Your Viewing Pleasure
Is this a human trait to let wonder be fleeting? To be enthused and excited only temporarily? I think we do this with the Lord. We too often miss his majesty, let his miracles go on by like the hand on a clock. He will put an elephant right in our face and we will yawn asking what’s next, what’s to come?
Psalm 77:14 says ” You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.”
This verse, though from the old testament, is written in present tense! This means he hasn’t stopped. Our God isn’t just the Christ who performed miracles for the crowds to be fed while he talked, he’s not the miracle-working God only in Moses’ times. He is still God and still performing miracles DAILY! Are you missing them?  Or do you see them, but your not excited about it? Miracles happen in Knoxville, TN, Robbinsville, NC, or Atlanta, GA everyday. They can happen anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to cross a sea, to see!
Here’s my challenge—- find your elephant in the room. Center in on a miracle he’s done just for you, and be amazed. Be thankful. Be in awe of our miracle working God! Sit in fascination for a moment, just a moment… because if you’re anything like me, the magnificence might fade!





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