Sitting listening to Camila Cabello and I can’t help but mentally go back to my time in Havana. Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the Beautiful country of Cuba and exploring the streets of Havana.
Let me first say that is was A-mazing! From the shores of Playas Del Este, to the shops of bishop street…I enjoyed every bit of my stay. Even more so, I enjoyed the lax vibes of the culture. Every day in Cuba felt like an adventure. And granted, I was on a mini-vacay, but still, there is something noticeably chill about how the Cubans approach life. Idk if it was having mojitos at 11am of the 75-degree temperature in January but Cuba felt like home.
Now with that being, for every great thing, there’s an Achilles Hill. For example, the people were extremely nice but once they found out I was American, it was like all they could see was dollar signs…or should I say cucs and pesos. But for every inflated cigar I purchased or souvenir, I came across a great Cubano who went above and beyond to make sure my experience in Havana was authentic. Aside from all the great culture and cuisine, the most memorable thing I took away from Cuba is their since of unity and pride. For example, Cubans (like Americans) come in a multitude of spades and skin tones. However, I sensed no division amongst them. Instead, it was pride! Everyone there I met saw themselves as Cuban first (except this random Haitian lady @ Parque central😞). Their sense of togetherness made me happy and then created a weird disconnect because its something I wish I could experience more in the States…
But all in all, Havana was life-changing and I recommend any/everyone to visit!
P.S.If you do go, here’s a few tips I would have liked someone to have told me: I. Know a little Spanish (seriously)! My broken Spanglish got mi muy lejos
II. Convert your currency in the city…you get more on the exchange rate
III. Bless yourself with a Churro in Old Havana. I may have had like 3 or 4 every day of my stay😁
IV. Support the Cuban!!!!! 😉

Also, Thanks to the Keys for sharing some of their photos as well. 🙂








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